Xellent Swiss Vodka 70cl

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The most Swiss vodka there is: All ingredients come from Switzerland and are triple distilled in a gentle way to vodka. Alcohol content: 40% vol., bottle size: 70cl, Manufacturer: Diwisa Distillery, Origin Willisau, Canton Lucerne.

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For this “Xellent” vodka, Matador and Picasso ryes are gently triple distilled with glacier water from the Titlis, a mountain from the canton of Uri at 3,238 meters above sea level. The vodka is known for its purity, the liquid has an alcohol value of 96% after the distillation process and is then gradually brought to normal drinking strength during aging. The vodka is best suited to drink neat, or for various drinks such as Appletinis, Sex on the Beach, etc.

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40% Vol.



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Diwisa Distillerie Willisau SA


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