Turicum Wood Expression 50cl

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What a few weeks of barrel storage can do to a gin, shows this brand new Wood Barreled Edition of Turicum.Alcohol content: 41.5% Vol., Bottle size: 500ml, Manufacturer: Turicum Distillery GmbH, Origin: Zurich, Canton Zurich.

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The Zurich gin in the pretty clay bottle is flavored with 12 botanicals, including fir tips, lime blossoms, Madagascar pepper and rose hips. In the heart of the city, it is then aged for another several weeks in cedar, sandalwood and oak barrels. Witness to this is not only the amber hue of the liquid: the notes of herbs, fruits, flowers and spices present in the unaged version are complemented by a certain depth as well as hints of vanilla and cocoa in the wood-barreled version.
Merlin Kofler and Oliver Honegger decided to launch their very own gin brand during a visit to their British role models in June 2013. They teamed up with their friends Philip Angst and Oscar Martin, and spent eight months tweaking the recipe. Another ten months went into other preparations, so that Turicum Gin was presented to a curious group of about 500 people in 2015. The mission was clear from the start: it was to be a true Zurich gin. That’s why the name borrows from the former Roman settlement in what is now the city center; the ceramic bottles could be a reference to the connection to antiquity. The rose hips, fir tips and lime blossoms also come from the immediate vicinity of the city; the remaining botanicals – one of them top secret – are purchased. So far, the Better Taste GmbH brand is only known in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany – but given that Turicum Gin has already won several international awards, it won’t be witchcraft to push its supraregional marketing.

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41.5% Vol.



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Turicum Distillery GmbH


aged in cedar, sandalwood and oak barrels; flavored with juniper, lime blossom, fir shoots, angelica, coriander seeds, pepper, orange blossom, liquorice, rosehip, lemon and orange peel and a secret i

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