Turicum Vodka 50cl

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The makers of Turicum Gin released this “Gin Infused” Vodka – which is very fresh on the market since 2018 and spends a while in the in-house gin barrels. Alcohol content: 41.5% Vol., Bottle size: 500ml, Manufacturer: Turicum Distillery GmbH, Origin: Zurich, Canton Zurich

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The characteristic clay bottle, the drinking strength, the addition of Lake Zurich spring water and, of course, the origin have the Turicum Vodka and the much celebrated Original Gin in common. What is different is the composition: by definition, vodka is a pure grain distillate, effectively a gin without flavoring. And yet the young gentlemen from Better Taste GmbH wanted to give the vodka a touch of their gin so as not to stray too far thematically from their core business. And what better way to do that than through barrel aging? So, without further ado, the freshly distilled vodka is filled into those barrels that previously contained the Turicum Gin. That in itself is enough to give Turicum Vodka a very special note.

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41.5% Vol.



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Turicum Distillery GmbH


with Lake Zurich spring water; storage in in-house gin barrels

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