Turicum Gin Cream Liqueur

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“Gin + cream + tonka beans” – according to this formula, Zurich-based Turicum Distillery creates its latest creation, the creamy-sweet Gin Cream Liqueur with aromas of vanilla and bitter almonds. Alcohol content: 17%vol, bottle size: 350ml, manufacturer: Turicum Distillery GmbH, origin: Zurich, Canton Zurich.

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The Gin Cream Liqueur is the fourth release from Turicum Distillery. It is based on the London Dry Gin, which is made with some unconventional botanicals such as lime blossom, orange blossom, fir tips, Madagascar pepper and rose hips. Lemon zest, juniper, coriander seed, licorice and angelica are also in the mix. The only secret ingredient is No. 3, which is the subject of many myths and legends in connoisseur circles. The dry gin base is then enriched with water, cream, sugar, milk protein and a highly aromatic tonka bean extract, which transforms the gin into a creamy-sweet, velvety-soft liqueur. Here, the clearly perceptible aromas of vanilla and bitter almonds are attributable to the tonka bean extract: The legumes grow on 25-meter-high trees in tropical South America and Africa and are often used as a vanilla substitute or dessert spice. Indeed, their sweet-tart aroma is reminiscent of vanilla, caramel, almonds, marzipan and licorice. Turicum Gin Cream Liqueur is classically served in a tumbler with a large ice cube. The liqueur can also be used to prepare dessert drinks and other cocktail creations.

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17% Vol.



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Turicum Distillery GmbH


made on the basis of Turicum London Dry Gin; additionally refined with cream, water, sugar, milk protein and tonka bean extract

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