Turicum Gin 50ml

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The highly awarded Turicum Gin is made with ingredients from Zurich and produced in a small-batch process. In addition to juniper, its botanical list includes lime blossom, rosehip and citrus zest. Alcohol content: 41.5%vol, Bottle size: 50ml, Manufacturer: Turicum Distillery GmbH, Origin: Zurich, Canton Zurich.

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The development for the “Turicum Gin” began in 2013, when the two managing directors Oliver Honegger and Merlin Kofler visited several gin distilleries in England. Inspired by the English juniper spirits, they decided to create a gin for Zurich. Together with two friends, this plan was put into practice within two years. The “Turicum” is composed of 12 botanicals. These include lime blossoms, which come from the Lindenhof, hand-picked fir tips from Zurich, rose hips from Oliver’s garden and the secret ingredient No. 3, of which we still do not know which herb is hidden behind it. Definitely, the production in a small batch process and the high quality standards guarantee a premium gin that has won several awards in recent years.

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47.5% Vol.



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Turicum Distillery GmbH


Flavored with 12 botanicals, such as blue juniper, lime blossom, fir shoots, angelica, coriander seeds, pepper from Madagascar, orange blossom, licorice, rose hips, fresh lemons and O

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