STUDER´s Swiss Highland Sloe Gin 20cl

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The pot still-distilled Swiss Highland Gins are already classics of the Swiss gin scene. For the winter limited edition, the Studer family refined the Sloe Gin with a pinch of cinnamon. Alcohol content: 26.6% Vol., Bottle size: 20cl, Manufacturer: Studer & Co AG Distillerie, Origin: Escholzmat, Canton Lucerne

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Studer – people associate it with the iconic Matterhorn bottles, a lot of gold tinsel, neatly distilled spirits, traditional craftsmanship, liqueurs, schnapps, gin and vodka. The Studer distillery is a generational business that began in 1883 with four brothers. Today the company is run by Käthi Friedli-Studer and her husband Ivano. Their joint son Saverio and son-in-law Jonathan Schönberger have also already joined the business, shaping the fifth generation of the Swiss distilling family. The company manages the coexistence of tradition and innovation with ease, which is also reflected in the product range. This is because – like the family – it continues to grow steadily. The Swiss Highland Sloe Gin Cinnamon is a seasonal limited edition that was first introduced in the fall of 2019. The gin is based on the Sloe Gin, which has been in the range for several years. This in turn is based on the original Dry Gin with juniper, lavender, lemongrass, cubeb pepper, coriander and ginger, but is enriched with the flavors of wild, hand-picked sloe berries through a subsequent maceration. To this is now added a pinch of cinnamon. The Swiss Highland Sloe Gin Cinnamon should be cooled down to 5-10°C before serving. If you don’t want to drink it neat, you can mix it with tonic water or prosecco.

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26.6% Vol.



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Distillerie Studer & Co AG


refined with sloe berries, among other things

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