Studer Swiss Gold Vodka 70cl

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With this multiple award-winning vodka in the original Studer mountain bottle, the Matterhorn as a Swiss landmark is in the spotlight. In addition, 22-karat gold flakes are included in the bottle. Alcohol content: 40%Vol., Bottle size:70cl, Manufacturer: Distillerie Studer & Co AG, Origin: Escholzmatt, Canton Lucerne

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This 40% vodka from the traditional Studer distillery is made from grain and pure Alpine water, which the master craftsmen obtain from their own springs. The family business was founded in 1883 by Hans Studer when he returned to Escholzmatt in Lucerne from a very instructive trip to France. In his luggage he had valuable knowledge, numerous recipes and an extraordinary drive.
The really special thing about Swiss Gold Vodka, however, is not the exciting background, the meticulous production process, or the award-winning taste. What is truly unique is the mountain bottle that holds the clear liquid. The Matterhorn rises majestically from the bottom of the bottle. The icing on the cake is the 22-karat gold tinsel that floats up and down the bottle’s belly, somewhat reminiscent of Swiss snow. The golden bottle neck label is also part of the noble design, for which Gold Vodka was already awarded gold medals by three independent competition juries in 2011 and 2012.

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40% Vol.



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Destillerie Studer & Co. AG


aus Weizen und lokal bezogenem Bergwasser, abgefüllt in der mehrfach preisgekrönten Bergflasche

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