Studer Gold Selection Vieille Poire 70cl

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This sweetened and steel tank aged Williams brandy is presented in Studer’s famous Matterhorn bottle with genuine 24-carat gold tinsel. Alcohol content: 41% Vol., Bottle size: 70cl, Manufacturer: Studer & Co AG Distillerie, Origin: Escholzmat, Canton Lucerne

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Studer’s Matterhorn bottles with snow globe-like gold tinsel are something special. Strictly speaking, the homemade spirits with the epithet “Vieille” belong to the category of liqueurs, as they have an increased sugar content. However, this is created both by adding commercially available sugar and by adding dried fruit with a naturally high sugar content. This is followed by storage for one to two years. The Vieille Poire Williams liqueur was double distilled from pears in a steam distillery.

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42% Vol



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Distillerie Studer & Co AG


aged in steel tanks for at least one year; enriched with a little sugar and dried Williams pears, spiked with 24-carat gold tinsel

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