Studer 1653 OLD BARREL RUM 50cl

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From the fascinating Entlebuch in Switzerland comes the barrel-aged rum of the traditional distillery Studer. Alcohol content: 44.8% Vol., Bottle size: 70cl, Manufacturer: Studer & Co AG Distillerie, Origin: Escholzmat, Canton Lucerne

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Whether it’s fruit brandy in an original snow globe with gold tinsel, lemon liqueur for flambéing, poison-green absinthe or “Swiss Highland Gin” – the Studer distillery is always up for a good idea. Käthi and Ivano Friedli-Studer have been running the family business in the tranquil village of Escholzmatt, which is located in the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve in the canton of Lucerne, since 1990. Son Saverio will of course be involved in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the business, as he will soon take over the successful distillery. This began in 1883 with four brothers driven by their entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit.
Part of Studer’s portfolio is the 1653 Old Barrel Rum, which is double distilled in their home pot still and then aged in oak barrels. The molasses is imported from Nicaragua, where vast sugar cane fields thrive on volcanic soil under the subtropical sun. For the barrels, the Studer family uses wood from the forests of Switzerland and France. After about three to six years, select barrels are opened to assemble the rum and bring it to the drinking strength of 44.8% by adding their own mountain spring water. The 1653 Old Barrel Rum is characterized by its sweet notes of honey and vanilla, underpinned by a gentle spiciness and woodiness. Incidentally, the year is meant to recall the Swiss Peasants’ War, in which Christian Schybi from Escholzmatt played a leading role. Quite by chance, he was married to an ancestor of today’s Studers.

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44.8% Vol.



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Distillerie Studer & Co AG


made with sugar cane molasses from Nicaragua; aged between three and six years in oak barrels

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