Langatun White Organic Rum 1616 70cl

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Aus organischer Melasse hergestellt, ist dieser bio-zertifizierte Rum eine gute Wahl für nachhaltig denkende Konsumenten. Alkoholgehalt: 49.12% Vol., Flaschengrösse: 70cl, Hersteller: Langatun Destillery AG, Herkunft: Aarwangen, Kanton Bern

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Langatun is one of many local businesses that have been writing a whole new success story since the turn of the millennium – because grain distilling is finally allowed again. Organic products, meanwhile, have conquered the spirits industry. While it might be a bit more tedious in gin production to present a 100% organic product due to the many botanicals, it’s already a bit easier with vodka, whisky and rum.
That’s why the Langatun distillery also offers an organically certified rum made from organically grown sugar cane. The molasses is produced in an undefined South American country and shipped to Europe for further processing. At the Langatun distillery, only water and yeast then come into contact with the molasses, which is converted into high-proof spirit through a double pot still distillation process. Since the rum is not aged in barrels, it is a white rum that is mainly used for mixing.

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49.12% Vol.



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Langatun Distillery AG


made from South American sugar cane molasses; certified organic

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