Langatun Old Deer Classic Whisky 50cl in Holzkiste

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A single malt whisky -pearl from triple distilled, unsmoked barley malt, which is matured in sherry and Chardonnay casks. On the palate, Langatun Old Deer Single Malt is malty-fruity with a smooth finish. Alcohol content: 40%vol, Bottle size: 50cl, Manufacturer: Langatun Distillery AG, Origin: Langenthal, Canton of Berne.

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Langatun means Langenthal in Celtic and refers to the place where this whiskey was born. Since 1860, the craft of distilling has been refined in Langenthan, and the distillery is known for its premium spirits, such as Old Deer Single Malt Whisky. This one delights with its fruity, spicy apple-cinnamon note, which combines with the malty aroma of the barley. The liquid gold is matured in sherry and chardonnay casks, which give it a slightly fruity-peppery finish. The whiskey tastes best neat or served over ice.

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40% Vol.



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Langatun Distillery AG


From triple distilled, unsmoked barley malt

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