Langatun Gold Bee Whisky Likör 50cl

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This combination of Mexican honey, tropical spices and Swiss whiskey let the Langatun Distillery come up with.
Alcohol content: 28% Vol., Bottle size: 50cl, Manufacturer: Langatun Distillery AG, Origin: Aarwangen,Bern

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In Aarwangen in the Aare Valley, which provides an abrupt end to the elevations of the Swiss Jura, lies the Langatun Distillery, which specializes in Swiss whisky. Here, respected whiskies are produced in eight steps – distinguishing grain sourcing, malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, cutting, aging and bottling. After Hans Baumgartner followed his family tradition and started the “Langatun” project in 2005, the business was involved in a steady growth. In 2018, a new management team took over, consisting of two industry experts and entrepreneurs who had been initiated by Hans Baumgartner into the secrets of the distillery. In addition to single malts, they also have American-style bourbon and rye whiskey on offer. Of course, the whiskey liqueur, which could also be described as “flavored low-strength whiskey,” is not to be missed. The master distiller uses the company’s classic single malt as a base, which is then sweetened with Mexican honey, refined with vanilla and other tropical spices, and reduced to 28% vol. by adding water. The Gold Bee whiskey liqueur is ideally suited as an aperitif drink, as an accompaniment to dessert or as a honey-sweet cocktail addition.

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28% Vol.



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Langatun Distillery AG


made on the basis of "Old Deer" whisky; sweetened with honey and flavored with a little vanilla and other spices

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