Langatun Gin 1616 5cl

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Developed for the 400th anniversary of the Langatun distillery, this gin is distilled from 12 botanicals.
Alcohol content: 49.12% Vol., Bottle size: 70cl, Manufacturer: Langatun Distillery AG, Origin: Aarwangen, Canton Bern

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In 1860, the “Langatun” brewery and distillery was founded by master brewer Jakob Baumberger in Langenthal. Langatun is the Celtic translation of the place’s name, which is to be understood as a tribute to the first whisky distillers. Their traditions were taken over by the descendants and continued as well as constantly expanded – resulting in premium spirits of the highest quality. Langatun Gin 1616 is distilled from twelve secret botanicals (juniper is there, of course!), which transfer their aromas to the distillate. Since the listed building of the distillery is year of construction 1616 and this gin was developed along with other spirits for the 400th anniversary, the product bears the unusual name. The visually very contemporary bottle, however, you do not see the vintage motto at all. Incidentally, the alcohol content of 49.12% was not chosen by chance either: The number represents the postal code of Aarwangen, the home town of the distillery. This gin is to be served neat or on ice.

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49.12% Vol.



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Langatun Distillery AG


distilled from 12 botanicals

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