Deux Frères Gin 50cl

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A high quality Swiss Dry Gin from Deux Frères, distilled in Austria with 24 botanicals. The last botanical, kept secret, is added in Zurich and gives this dry gin its typical aroma. .alcohol content: 43% Vol. bottle size: 50cl, manufacturer: Deux Frères, origin: Opfikon, Canton of Zurich.

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In a small home laboratory brand self-built by two brothers was created in the middle of Zurich, then still with a batch of only 2.5 liters and distilled with the addition of 11 botanicals, the gin that is produced today in the house Deux Frères. After a year and a half, the distillation process was moved to Deux Frères in Tyrol, the recipe was changed to 25 botanicals and today includes organic juniper berries, from whose Latin name Juniperus the name of this spirit comes, as well as organic lemon peel, rose petals, lavender flowers and arnica root. Twenty-four of the 25 botanicals are distilled to London Dry Standard, giving this gin its flavor and spice, while the last of the 25 is kept secret and added in the final maceration process – now again in Zurich. The natural light-sensitive anthocyanins allow the Deux Frères Dry Gin to change color from blue to violet to pink, depending on the blend, and it is therefore bottled and labeled by hand in brown opaque apothecary bottles for subsequent shipment worldwide.

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43% Vol.



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Deux Frères Spirits Schweiz


Is flavored with 24 botanicals, the last of which is secret and will be added only in Zurich.

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