Berner Matte Sloe Gin 20cl

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Distilled with local products from the Bern area, this gin unfolds its sweet-spicy aromas from juniper, sloe, orange peel and other botanicals. Exclusively handcrafted. Alcohol content: 28% Vol., Bottle size: 5dl, Manufacturer: Matte Brewery, Origin: Berne, Canton of Bern

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The Matte Sloe Gin from the Matte distillery in Bern boasts the fact that, like its original product – the Matte Dry Gin – it is produced exclusively by hand. At the Matte Distillery, everything revolves around the 150-liter still, which is used to distill absinthe in addition to juniper schnapps. All the ingredients, from the grain alcohol from the Alcosuisse, the sloes collected along the Aare River, to the eight of the ten other botanicals that give this gin the perfect flavor combination of the sweet sloes with the pronounced juniper note, come from the surrounding area. As a result, the distillery boasts of supporting local agriculture and keeping transportation distances short. In addition to the typical juniper berries and the first frozen sloe fruit, orange peel, licorice root, cinnamon and violet root, among others, give the Matte Sloe Gin its distinctive flavor. After distilling, the premium spirit is bottled, corked, sealed and labeled by hand.

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28% Vol.



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Made from mostly regional ingredients. The sloes are first frozen for a sweeter flavor.

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