Aare Gin Gelb 20cl

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The bright yellow Aare Gin is flavored with pineapple and mango.Alcohol content 43%Vol, Bottle size: 20cl, Manufacturer: Aare Gin Berger, Origin: Lyssach; Canton Bern

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After Loris Berger and Jasmin Toth developed their first gin together with a Solothurn-based distillery, they dedicated the creation to the Aare. The river, which flows through the middle of Bern on its way across Switzerland, is highly valued by city dwellers. Particularly famous is the Aare loop, which encloses the old town of Bern in a most photogenic way. Loris did not miss the opportunity to depict it on his gin label. The special thing about the Aare Gins are the colors: Each gin represents a different color and, of course, a different flavor. The Gin Yellow is actually clear and transparent, as you would expect from most spirits – only the river on the label is wrapped in a bright yellow. For the Yellow special edition, however, they dyed the entire liquid. This makes for interesting visual stimuli, especially in the gin and tonic! In terms of content, there is no difference between the original version and the special edition: The Aare Gin Yellow is obtained by the maceration of a total of six botanicals in high-quality neutral alcohol with subsequent distillation. It smells of juniper, sweet pineapple and ripe mango.

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43% Vol.



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Aare Gin Berger


produced by the maceration and distillation of juniper, pineapple, mango and other botanicals.

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