Amber beer, the amber among beers.

What is amber beer?
Amberbier gets its name from its amber colour and originates from Belgium. Belgian Ambers are similar to Pale Ale, but are made with slightly darker malt. The Amber beer style can also be divided into 2 subcategories.
– Amber Lager
– Amber Ale
What are the characteristics of Amber beer?
Amber Lager has a slightly sweet malt note that pushes the hop bitterness into the background. A slight caramel character is acceptable, a fine roasted aroma even desirable. The aromas of bread or biscuit are slightly to moderately pronounced. A faint hop bitterness is also noticeable, but without any noticeable fruit character. The alcohol content is moderate, ranging from 4.5-6.0 % vol. The beer body is medium-bodied and has a pleasant wholesomeness. The foam is light to cream-coloured, firm and consistent in the glass. The colour of the beer is amber to reddish, the ideal drinking temperature at 7 °C. The Amber Lager tastes best in a mug, a bar or in a goblet.
Amber Ale has a well-defined malt sweetness with a perceptible caramel note and at the same time noticeable hop bitterness. The hop aroma gives the Amber Ale an additional fruity and slightly dry note. The beer has a medium body and an alcohol content between 4.2-6.5 % vol. with an original wort of 10-13 °P. The foam is white with fine pores. The foam is white, fine-pored and of a light to medium consistency. The colour of the beer varies from reddish copper to light brown and is best consumed at a drinking temperature of 9 °C in a pint, a stout or a mug.

Are there Swiss amber beers?
In Switzerland, both amber beer styles are well represented on average, which confirms the popularity of this type of beer. In international competitions, Swiss amber beers do better than average.
How is amber beer made?
Amber Lager is made with top-fermenting yeast, Amber Ale with bottom-fermenting yeast. In both types of amber, the colour does not come from roasting the malt used, but from boiling the mash several times. This is also the reason why there are hardly any roasted aromas and the caramel-malty flavours dominate, which make up the typical amber beer taste.

How to enjoy amber beer?
Amber beer is the perfect beer for an evening in the pub. It goes very well with light grilled meat, fish dishes, fish & chips or mussels.

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